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So This Is Love - Digital Album and Single MP3s

Elvira Barjau's debut album - so this is LOVE - was released on February 14, 2012 through www.cdbaby.com/cd/elvirabarjau

Elvira Barjau explores what love is at different stages of its existence in one’s life; from its exciting and euphoric beginning, through its bitter-sweet moments, and finally, at its most mature and gratifying stage.  Expressed soulfully and elegantly, So This Is Love features a collection of beautiful, jazz influenced, interpretations of classic and contemporary musical theatre standards. 

So This Is Love features the delicious union of Jazz and Musical Theatre.  The two genres have been coupled since the beginning of American Musical Theatre and experimented with – and beautifully performed – by legendary vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole. Even contemporary icons like Barbara Streisand and Tony Bennett have made stunning contributions to this unique style of music.

This particular style of music is a natural fit for Elvira Barjau, as well as her favorite style to perform. 


About the songs:

 Track 1:  Unexpected Song - from the musical, "Song & Dance".

Track 2:  Where Or When - from the musical, "Babes In Arms".

Track 3:  I'm All Smiles - from the musical, "The Yearling".

Track 4:  You and the Night and the Music - from the musical, "Revenge With Music".

Track 5:  Dos Gardenias - featured in the beautiful musical documentary, "Buena Vista Social Club". This song is a 1930s bolero, sung in Spanish.

Track 6:  Down With Love - from the musical, "Hooray For What?!"

Track 7:  When I Look In Your Eyes - from the 1967 movie musical, "Doctor Dolittle".

Track 8:  Why Did I Choose You - from the musical, "The Yearling".

Track 9:  So This Is Love - from the Disney animated musical, "Cinderella".